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Oktoberfest muffle: So you flee the Oktoberfest

As Oktoberfest muffle you have it in the month of October again hard: not only in Munich, but everywhere in Germany is advertised locally for Oktoberfest, where Bavarian Schunk music and tons of beer whim should make fun of traditional costumes. For Oktoberfest muffle, however, this does not mean fun, but the sheer horror that awakens the quiet longing for meaningful alternatives for Oktoberfest muffle.

Not only is it no fun to squeeze into traditional fashion and spend huge amounts of money in advance, but the atmosphere in the marquees spoils the mood of many a party-goer. There is not everyone on dense crowds, crowds of beer steins and hits for a real Oktoberfest mustache there is nothing worse.Image result for oktoberfest germany

Nationwide Oktoberfest parties – Germany in Oktoberfest fever

Although the original Oktoberfest is a well-established tradition of Bavarian origin, event organizers across the country have come to understand that they can earn a lot of money and do not miss the opportunity to host Oktoberfest parties in the months of September and October. Because a large part of the crowd speaks to the mix of Dirndl, Brezn and good mood quite.

Nonetheless, Oktoberfest opponents want alternatives for Oktoberfest mustaches. Going out with friends at least during the hot phase in October is no fun because the Oktoberfest follows at every turn.

Oktoberfest -Muffel: What alternatives exist?

With a little luck event organizer 80’s or 90’s parties that promise variety. However, since this does not happen often in practice, the only alternative among the sparse alternatives for Oktoberfest muffels is to go abroad. Because luckily the tradition of the Oktoberfest with the country border stops. The good thing is: there is a choice in terms of goals – both in the Netherlands and in Belgium, Poland or France, it can endure in the fall. With a bit of luck you can, for example, spend a few nice days in Holland on the beach, far from the hustle and bustle. Endless sandy beaches and the soothing ups and downs of the waves provide relaxation and tranquility. A paradise for every Oktoberfest muffle! Even city trips can be excellently realized as alternatives for Oktoberfest muffle during this time. Paris and Prague, for example, offer the ideal contrast program and attract a lot of culture and interesting sights.

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Escape the hustle and bustle of the Oktoberfest – so it works financially

Of course, it may be that the desire to escape the Oktoberfest hustle and bustle, spontaneously arises – and the last penny was spent money for extended summer vacation. In this case, it is difficult to deal with booking a trip or other escape (eg by car). If you want to top up your travel budget, for example, you can take advantage of the loan offer from Nora Helmer: an ideal solution for Oktoberfest mustaches. Through quick and easy provision of small sums for private persons, planned alternatives for Oktoberfest muffels can be realized despite a tight travel budget.

Conclusion: The Oktoberfest enjoys in Germany in the majority of popularity, but does not meet everywhere on favor. Anyone who has nothing to do with traditional costumes and marquees wishes for a break during the hot phase – and fortunately can escape the party hustle and bustle in the neighboring countries. Thanks to good offers, the project can be implemented despite financial bottlenecks.

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