Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Spring Cleaning: Making room for new things while saving money

At the latest when the cupboard overflows with unworn clothes, bills and contracts on the desk go down in the paperwork and the windows do not let the bright sunshine through, it’s time for the spring cleaning. In the first post of our blog series “Spring cleaning: From old to new!” We’ll tell you how to make your space and make money with clearing out or save money. In the following articles of this blog series we will give you some important tips for home renovation as well crafts activities around the house and around the garden.

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Create space – clearing out comes first

Before you start with dusting and window cleaning, it is important to make room first. For spring cleaning, clearing out therefore comes first. You can create space by sorting out unused, unworn and unloved things. Often, the superfluous accumulates in wardrobe, garage and cellar. If you sell the sorted out things, you can even earn money with it. Once that’s done, you’ve created order and space. But now the apartment is empty? Maybe you need a new wardrobe or generally new furniture? At Xpresscredit you can quickly and easily apply for a microcredit online and borrow money for new purchases.


Spring cleaning – clearing out has a liberating effect

Related imageCreating space and clearing room by room can be very liberating. Sometimes your own home is too chaotic and you feel energyless and powerless. Clearing out and creating order can give new impetus and inspire every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife such as love, family and money. Who says that you can not create order and at the same time make money? You can use your sorted items to earn money. Offer clothes, books, furniture, or your old wardrobe at flea markets or the Internet, and you can even make money from it. The money is not enough to bring furniture into the apartment and new clothes in the closet? You do not want to save a lot of money for your wishes? The savings potentials revealed are not quite enough to cover enough money for new acquisitions? With a small credit at Xpresscredit you can borrow money quickly and conveniently online.

Create order – check contracts and uncover savings potential

Image result for savingsSpring cleaning is not only an option to make room in the apartment, garage and cellar, contracts for electricity, mobile phone and insurance providers should also be checked for potential savings. Are the contracts still suitable for one’s own needs? Are there currently better deals for less money in the market and where can you save some money? Use the spring cleaning to give you an overview of your finances and saving potentials. Maybe you still have open invoices? Settle these and free yourself from the legacies of winter. If you need more money then help you from the small loan of Xpresscredit like.

Xpresscredit: Reward for the spring cleaning

The spring cleaning is not only a good opportunity to dispose of the old, to create order and potential savings, but also to let new things into life. Whether you need new furniture, need to renovate your apartment or garage, or want to freshen up your wardrobe with new clothes, at Xpresscredit you can lend you the necessary money and reward yourself with new things for the successful spring cleaning. The small credit of Xpresscredit is the solution, if you do not want to save long, until you can fulfill your wishes. Likewise, the small loan from Xpresscredit offers, if your uncovered savings potentials are not quite enough to cover enough money for new purchases. Our tip: Apply quickly and conveniently online for a small loan on Xpresscredit and reward yourself for your successful spring cleaning.

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